About Blue Ripple Blends

HI! I’m Nikki and it’s so nice to meet you, and thank you for visiting my page! Let’s get to know each other better, I’ll start…I was active-duty Air Force and retired in Feb 2020 after 24 years of service. While I was serving, I worked as an Aerospace Medical Technician for 8 years; then I crossed into recruiting duty for the next 16 years. During those 24 years I had three children, currently married, lived in 2 states other than my home state, met some of the most amazing people, learned valuable lessons, and had the best experience. When I retired it was the start of COVID and a different life as we all knew it. After some stumbles on my path, lots of tears, and some long, hard, serious soul searching, I found my self at American College for Health Care Science (located in Portland, OR) enrolled in an online master’s degree program (with one of my best friends and mentors, by the way!). In December 2021, I graduated with a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and a certification in Aromatherapy. In 2022 I ended a long strenuous relationship with alcohol, and discovered Reiki where I completed level I and level II training. I still wasn’t sure where I was headed on my path, but as I kept going, I realized how much of an impact yoga had on my life. So, in February 2023 I began a yoga teacher training program, which I will complete in Nov 2023. I have been teaching at least twice a week at Indigo on Main in Washington, Pa since June 2023. Now you know just a little bit about me, I hope you will come take a class or sign up for a personalized Aromatherapy, yoga, or Reiki session.  My goal is for you to feel safe while you are in our space and on your matt. I welcome all humans of all varieties and anyone who is willing to give themselves the gift of time toward their own journey toward peace.